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Weightlifting and Exercise Benches

Fitness benches are used in the home, but also a professional gym. They are necessary to carry out exercises with dumbbells, Olympic barbells or as an exercise aid with various accessories such as Fitballs, expanders and weight belts.

Some weight benches are of robust construction, others are adjustable. Concerning the purpose be divided into single or multi-functional.
In terms of practicing the muscles they are known as weight bench, back extensions, bench on the stomach and back, leg press, inclined and adjustable, inversion benches and Scott Multipress.
The structures are made of high quality steel as material for coatings are used synthetic or genuine leather. For each it shows the maximum capacity, which for safety reasons need not be exceeded.

Mon-Fri - 8:00-16:00     +421 911 336 625      info@solid-fitness.eu
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