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Spirit Fitness Upright Bike XBU55 (2017)

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Weight capacity
159 kg
13,5 kg
Brake system
ECB - Electronic control brake - magnetic


Product Features & Specifications


Durable, comfortable, and smooth are all qualities of the Spirit Fitness fitness bikes. Easy adjustments, bright LCD screens, a cooling fan, and comfortable seats are standard on all models. 

The XBU55 10 year parts warranty rivals any in the industry. Your investment ensures peace of mind knowing that you have a quality built product with a long term commitment from us should you need service down the road.



All pertinent information is displayed during the workout and a summary of accumulated data scrolls when you have finished.


Cooling fans that swivel are standard on all of our fitness bikes. This may just be the reason you extend your workout by a few minutes.


Heart Rate training is proven to be one of the best ways to measure your workout. Our Heart Rate % Profile gives you a quick reference of your % compared to maximum projected heart rate. The LED lights up in Amber for 50-60%, Green for 65% to 80%, and Red for 85%+.


It’s important to understand which muscle groups are gaining the most benefit during your workout. On our fitness bikes, you will be using your glute (bottom), hamstring (back of your thigh), quad (thigh), and calf muscles. The LED lights will activate in three degrees of engagement: Green represents minimal muscle involvement, Amber for medium involvement, and Red, full or heavy involvement. Use this quick reference to challenge yourself during your workout.


We know how important it is to be able to enjoy your favorite music as you workout, so we included an MP3 audio jack for you to plug in your choice of MP3 player or cell phone. (Adapter cord provided)


All Spirit Fitness bikes are built with extra-heavy-gauge steel tubing to give them a stable base, and use high-quality bearings rather than bushings to ensure a longer life and smoother cycling action.


Our upright fitness bikes not only allow forward and backward seat adjustment, but they also feature an easy ratchet vertical adjustment.


2⁰ of inversion of each pedal places your body into an anatomically correct position throughout the workout.


There are transport wheels integrated into the front floor support tube for ease of repositioning. Simply lift and tilt the front end to roll the unit to your desired location.


  • Console - 7.5" Blue Backlit LCD w/ Tablet Friendly Reading Rack, Adjustable Console
  • Console Feedback - RPM, Calories, Time, Distance, Pulse, Level, Speed, Segment Time, Program Name, Watts, and Laps
  • Heart Rate - Contact & Telemetric; Heart Rate Strap included
  • Resistance - 20 Levels, Electronically-Controlled, Magnetic Brake
  • Drive Train - 8-Groove Poly-V Belt w/Self-Tensioner
  • Power - Plug-In
  • Flywheel - 30 lbs., Steel
  • Seat - High density foam
  • Adjustments - Easy-Ratchet w/ full Fore/Aft Seat
  • Crank - 3-Piece, Cold-Forged Steel, Case-Hardened Axle & Commercial-Grade Sealed Bearings
  • Frame - Heavy-Gauge, High-Strength Steel w/ Durable Powder-Coat Paint
  • Dimensions - 43 X 22 X 54 in
  • Product Weight - 100 lbs.
  • Maximum User Weight - 350 lbs.


HILL - This program follows a triangle or pyramid type of gradual progression from approximately 10% of maximum effort (the level that you chose before starting this program) up to a maximum effort which lasts for 10% of the total workout time, then a gradual regression of resistance back to approximately 10% of maximum effort.

FAT BURN - This program follows a quick progression up to the maximum resistance level (default or user input level) that is sustained for 2/3 of the workout. This program will challenge your ability to sustain your energy output for an extended period of time.

CARDIO - This program presents a quick progression up to near maximum resistance level (default or user input level). It has slight fluctuations up and down to allow your heart rate to elevate, and then recover repeatedly, before beginning a quick cool down. This will build up your heart muscle and increase blood flow and lung capacity.

STRENGTH - This program has a gradual progression of resistance up to 100% of maximum effort that is sustained for 25% of workout duration. This will help build strength and muscular endurance in the lower body and glutes. A brief cool down follows.

INTERVAL - This program takes you through high levels of intensity followed by recovery periods of low intensity. This program utilizes and develops your “Fast Twitch” muscle fibers which are used when performing tasks that are intense and short in duration. These deplete your oxygen level and spike your heart rate, followed by periods of recovery and heart rate drop to replenish oxygen. Your cardiovascular system gets programmed to use oxygen more efficiently.

MANUAL - The Manual program works as the name implies, manually. This means that you control the workload and not the computer.

USER (2X) - Two people can store personal information and design a custom program that can be saved for future use. You decide what the resistance will be for each segment of the program.

HEART RATE (2x) - Designed to help keep you within 3-5 heart beats of your target heart rate % by automatically increasing or decreasing the resistance level. Heart Rate 1 has a 60% (better for a fat loss goal) of projected heart rate maximum default. Heart Rate 2 has an 80% (better for a cardiovascular conditioning goal) of projected heart rate maximum default.

Warranty Information

  • Frame - Lifetime
  • Brake - Lifetime
  • Parts - 10 Years
  • Labor - 1 Year


Technical data

Weight capacity 159 kg
Weight 45 kg
Flywheel 13,5 kg
Resistance Levels 20
Brake system ECB - Electronic control brake - magnetic
Diplay time, distance, calories, heart rate, program etc.
Seat adjustment horizontal and vertical
Total programs 10
Integrated programs 6
HRC programs 2
Users programs 2
Display 7.5
HRC receiver yes
HRC system Contact & Telemetric; Heart Rate Strap included
Length 109 cm
Width 56 cm
Height 137 cm
Complete dimensions 109 x 56 x 137 cm


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