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How to choose a multi-gym

How to choose a multi-gym?

A multi-gym is a multifunctional station designed for multiple exercises and all of its construction elements are attached to one main frame. There are countless variations, versions and manufacturers on the market. How to become familiar with them?

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A multi-gym is a multi-purpose machine for workout of several muscle groups.
Before purchasing, you should ask yourself the following questions and according to them choose your multi-gym.

Who is going to use the multi-gym?

  • One person, two people, the entire family...

How often do you plan on exercising?

  • Every day, from time to time...

What is your budget for the purchase of a multi-gym?

  • The price of a multi-gym is directly related to its construction. The differences in construction will be listed below

It is not easy to keep a good track of the majority of multi-gyms on the market. We will therefore list the most important parameters to keep in mind when choosing. A multi-gym is not a cheap machine and you would definitely regret it later if the machine of your choice would not fulfil your requirements.

Load of a multi-gym

Multi gyms have two standard types of load.

Block loaded multi-gyms – these multi gyms are usually equipped with metal blocks that enable you to lower or increase your load. You can adjust this load by inserting a metal pin into one of the blocks that you are lifting. When choosing a block load multi gym, be careful about the material. Cheap multi gyms have cement blocks coated in plastic. Such blocks can crack when handling incorrectly. Better quality models dispose of metal blocks.

Plate loaded multi-gyms – are multi gyms with weight-bars for placing plates. The majority of these weight training machines have adjustable rack sizes for a variety of diameters (or you can buy extra convertors). Alternatively, there are specialized bars with diameter suitable for Olympic plates only. The advantage of plate loaded multi-gyms is larger load capacity that can be stacked according to the user’s needs. A disadvantage, however, is that you need to have more plates and load and unload them as you need. 

You need to watch out for the actual weight of the load that comes with the package. Cheap multi-gyms are equipped with 45 kg or 60 kg of load. The pulleys can radically decrease the weight and when exercising on a multi-gym worth 500€ you realise that even the maximum possible load is not enough for you. Multi-gyms in the price range up to 550€ are recommended rather for teenagers. Good quality multi gyms come with 70 kg-90 kg of load and along with the gearing it can reach up to 110 kg.

If you are just starting with exercising, you will surely say to yourself that smaller weights are enough for you. In that case you should check if the given multi-gym comes with the possibility of addition to the load and in case you need more in the future, you can just buy some extra weights. This is not standard with all multi-gyms, because the cables, pulleys and the entire construction have to be adjusted with respect to the safety of the user.

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The pulleys of a multi-gym

Pulleys are a must in every multi-gym. There are several parameters according to which we classify pulleys. The most basic models have bearingless pulleys. In practice it means less fluent movement. Pulleys with bearings allow natural and smooth movement and of course, longer lifespan. If you are buying a multi-gym for long-term use, you should definitely choose one with bearing mounted pulleys. For example the model from the American brand BODY SOLID FUSION 600.

Standard practice is to mount pulleys made of plastic. Cheap models have softer plastic that can wear out over time. They will definitely not fall apart in a month, you do not have to worry about that. Good quality multi-gyms with bearing mounted pulleys use much harder plastic. Absolute elite, however, are aluminium pulleys. For example the model AXT 5 by the American brand Tuff Stuff and also limited editions by BODY SOLID come with aluminium pulleys.

The ergonomics of a multi-gym

A separate chapter concerning multi-gyms is ergonomics. Every person has a different weight, height, arm and leg length etc. When choosing, try and notice details such as:

  • adjustable saddle (height),
  • adjustable backrest (angle),
  • angle adjustability of individual stations, etc.

Cheap multi-gyms do not have an adjustable saddle or backrest. That, in practice, could mean that you will not be able to perform your exercises properly.
Pay attention to various grip possibilities, provided adaptors, good quality upholstery of the parts, etc.

Ergonomie posilovaci veze Ergonomie posilovaci veze 2

Ergonomie posilovaci vez Posilovaci vez - ergonomie

Space requirements of a multi-gym

To have enough space is a basic precondition before purchasing a multi-gym. Measure the length, height and width of the space where you want to place your multi-gym carefully and thoroughly. An already assembled good quality station can weigh up to 300 kg which means difficult to impossible manipulation. 
If you are not buying a multi-gym with all its gadgets, such as side pulley, stomach adaptor, back adaptor, additional leg press, etc., measure the space beforehand. In case you would want to purchase these additions later, they might not fit.

Posilovaci vez BODY SOLID G10B s prislusenstvim

Assembly and service of a multi-gym

When buying a multi gym, you should keep an eye on the fact whether or not the seller provides assembly. Not all of us are DIY assemblers with a cabinet full of tools. Although manufacturers often supply tools for assembly of multi-gyms, it is definitely reasonable to turn to a professional. You can make sure that your multi-gym is properly assembled and will serve to your satisfaction.
Another important question you need to ask the seller is whether or not he provides warranty and post-warranty service at the customer’s home. Some sellers guarantee regular service inspections as well, you just need to ask. It is definitely worth it! 

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The legal warranty in our country is 24 months. Some manufacturers provide extended warranty of 3 to 5 years. In such cases you should verify whether the warranty applies to the entire multi-gym or just some parts of it. It is possible that extended warranty only applies to the frame.

In the Czech and Slovak Republic it is unfortunately a rule that sellers state 5-year warranty, however, as you will find out when reading their warranty conditions, this only applies to the frame and the rest of the machine has a warranty of 24 months. Fortunately, we sell products from brands that offer extended warranty on certain parts. For example the cutting edge multi-gym brands BODY SOLID or BODYCRAFT provide lifelong warranty on frames!!!

Recommendation: Verify with the seller, whether the 5-year warranty applies on the entire product or just its parts. A 5-year warranty is a very attractive feature for the customers and that is why many sellers state it on their pages.


There are many manufacturers of multi-gyms on the market. We recommend verified global brands that have been offering their products for years and there are even some that have been producing in the field of fitness for more than 100 years. Some of the globally most famous brands are: BODY SOLID (USA), BODYCRAFT (USA), LIFE FITNESS (USA), Hammer (Germany), FINNLO (Germany), FINNLO MAXIMUM (Germany), KETTLER (Germany), BH FITNESS (Spain), TUNTURI (Fin),  TUFF STUFF (USA).

American brands belong to the elite mainly because of the huge domestic market and demand since the 1950s. For all these years they have been collecting experience and nowadays the American fitness market is the largest in the world.

We are very pleased to be able to share our long-standing experience in the field of fitness, where we have been working since 2008. We hope that the aforementioned information will be put to good use and will help you choose the ideal partner in achieving your goals and dreams. Whether it is your dream body, great condition or solving your health problems.

Our company is a direct importer of several brands as well as an exclusive distributor for the Czech and Slovak Republic.
We also distribute products to our customers in Austria, Germany and the rest of the EU.

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