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Custom gym design

Are you looking for someone to design and equip a custom-made gym for you?

We are already looking forward to helping you! We would be delighted to design and set up a turn-key gym according to your needs. We have experience with setting up high quality home, corporate, hotel as well as commercial gyms. We like to participate in equipment of gyms in the nowadays very attractive wellness centres and guest houses.  

When projecting and planning the layout, we follow the rule to always create spaces that fully meet the requirements, fulfil the purpose and are adjusted to the future clientele. There are many aspects that need to be taken into consideration and that is where we come into play – to help you make the right choices on the way towards the realization of your ideas.

Mon-Fri - 8:00-16:00     +421 911 336 625      info@solid-fitness.eu
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