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About us

Our company INVEX TRADE Ltd. was established in 2008 from love for sport and passion for trade. The core of our company consists of a family of four and together with our colleagues we create an even bigger family.
Our clients from Slovakia know us thanks to our e-shop www.fitness-store.sk. Because of the ever growing demand in other countries of the EU, we decided to provide an alternative choice to buy sport equipment for all the fitness enthusiasts all over Europe at www.solid-fitness.eu – our new project. We offer a selection of fitness equipment that assures of higher standard attested by satisfied customers all over the world.
The ideological mission of www.solid-fitness.eu is to be of assistance to those who decided to take their well-being into their own hands, as well as those who have suffered injuries or who have had surgeries and are trying to get their ordinary lives back on track.
Mon-Fri - 8:00-16:00     +421 911 336 625      info@solid-fitness.eu
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